Beautiful Thing

Director: Adrian Kuciel | Live Action | Poland | Australian Premiere | 2019 | 14:08 mins

When Tomas loses his mother in an accident, both he and his father are forced to renew and tighten bonds, which were highly neglected over the years. They have no time to get used to new, uncomfortable situation as they instantly start a journey connected with father’s job.

  • Director: Adrian Kuciel

  • Director of Photography: Adrian Kuciel

  • Producer: Maja Turek

  • Editor: Adrian Kuciel, Szymon Kowalczyk

  • Sound: Wojciech Pawluczuk

  • Composer: Miłosz Bazarnik

  • Key Cast: Franek Maj

  • Key Cast: Paweł Brandys

  • Key Cast: Piotr Majewski

  • Key Cast: Ela Wójcik

  • Key Cast: Ziuta Zająców

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