1h 29min | Italy | 2018 | Director: Stefano Amatucci | MA 15+ | SATURDAY FEATURE FILM 

Caina passes her nights on a beach where she practices the rather particular profession of body hunter. Her job entails recuperating the corpses of drowned foreigners that the sea spits onto the shore. The stranded bodies are then dissolved into cement in a state run disposal facility. Caina earns 15 euros for each drowned cadaver. She can hear the dead speak, express fear and cry. Caina was a hired killer in the past, a cold hearted, contemptuous killer who specialised in immigrants.

  • Director: Stefano Amatucci

  • Producer: Salvatore Suarato

  • Producer: Filomena Palomba

  • Key Cast: Luisa Amatucci

  • Key Cast: Helmi Dridi

  • Key Cast: Isa Danieli

  • Key Cast: Gabriele Saurio

  • Language: Italian

  • Country: Italy

  • Genres: Drama, Feature

  • Rating: MA+

Director: Stefano Amatucci 

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